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Realtime Technologies gains IPC Membership

Realtime Technologies is one of the most recent organisations to become a member of IPC, Association Connecting Electronics Industry. IPC is a global trade association dedicated to serving the printed board and electronics assembly industries, their customers and suppliers.

IPC membership gives Realtime the opportunity to liaise with more than 2,700 company contacts. Realtime also gain access to market research studies , business reports and executive conference proceedings, including a large archive of past studies and reports. Realtime also plan to advance in areas including professional development, training and certification and statistical programs as a result of IPC webcasts, conferences, video and computer based training educational workshops and reports which are free to members.

Having become a member the company will benefit from IPC’s devotion of resources to; management improvement, technology enhancement programs, the creation of relevant standards which are internationally recognized and globally accepted, protection of the environment, and pertinent government relations.

Realtime can avail of IPC’s technical support and assistance, including priority responses to technical questions and also technical information and white papers which provide us with the latest thinking and research on critical industry issues. As a result of the aforementioned advantages and access to Critical Compliance Information, Industry forecast data, standards, publications training materials and monthly publications Realtime is constantly up to date in today’s ever changing industry. With our board array of process capabilities, foremost attention to quality, total responsiveness and highly efficient operation Realtime offers the best value in contract manufacturing services. We are totally committed to our customers and their product.




Since gaining membership Realtime Technologies can now access critical and up-to-date information which can be found on the ‘Members Only’ Web site. To learn more about IPC and the benefits of becoming a member visit  




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